2011 MLE

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    2011 MLE

    Now that Krstic is gone, who can we get to clog up the middle with the MLE?

    Chandler isn't coming and Dalembert still isn't in this price range. Jordan & Gasol are restricted FA's and although a 10/10 guy like Humphries would be nice, he's still only 26 and looking for a bigger contract.

    I don't think Oden or Curry is worth the money (or the headache), so do we go after Mohammed, try to get Landry, or target a SF like Butler, Prince, Battier, et al. even though we'll probably be signing Green?
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    Re: 2011 MLE

    Unless they can get a one of the guys you stated we probably won't get, I hope they split the MLE amongst 2 guys.  Draft a C or PF, and use the MLE to and 2 more at those positions.
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    Re: 2011 MLE

    When free-agency started last July you had Josh Childress, Brendan Haywood, Rudy Fernandez and others that never ended up wearing Celtic green. Now you're saying the Celtics will prioritize Przybilla, Gadzuric, and Kwame?

    Didn't the Celtics already trade a Center that is very limited offensively, to say the least? 

    You predicting Anthony Tolliver would be better than BBD this past season just shows you know very little about basketball in general.Laughing