2012 NBA Draft

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    2012 NBA Draft

    2012 Draft is projected to be way stronger than this years draft. and we got a lottery Pretected pick from the clippers. With college players like Harrison barnes, Jared Sullinger, Terrence Jones, Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb and HS Standouts Anthony Davis (Compared to a young KG), James McDoo, Quincy Miller expected to come out on that draft, players some thought were high prizes of the draft might not be anymore, players like Austin Rivers. We're likely getting a big man with the 25th pick this year, and it doesn't matter who we pick with the 55th pick because he'll likely notbe ready to contribute, that being said we should target a long term solution at SG to spell Rayl Allen. Any free agent swingman we sign will likely not stay for more than a year to keep cap flexibily for 2012 free agency. i think Rivers might be the answer. On nbadraft.net our pick from the Clippers is supposed to go 8th While Rivers falls to 11th, so Drafting Rivers might not be so far off anymore. he's someone that can contribute from the his rookie season. He's like a bigger, stronger and more athletic, explsive version of Steph Curry.
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    Re: 2012 NBA Draft

    Man, I'm just prayin that we have a shot at this Kyombo kid this year...