2013-2014 Celticsseason projections (early i know)

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    Re: 2013-2014 Celticsseason projections (early i know

    If you want a championship, you have to root for the team to lose this year.  I'd love to see a ton of 1 point losses.  A top 5 lottery pick, a top free agent, and a key trade (Bogan's expiring contract and draft picks) will make the Celtics a contender in 2014-15 as LeBron and the rest of the league gets old.

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    Re: 2013-2014 Celticsseason projections (early i know)

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    I know i've never been invovled with the C's forum but since the season is starting i think its time to get on this cuz i love my C's.

    Season Outlook: First off, I love the signing of Stevens, he will bring energy to a young team.

    • The Celtics may get off to a very slow  start being a young team that is probably going to be missing their best player until December. My thought on that is the team needs to weather the storm until Rajon comes back. Avery Bradley is key to this team. If he can become a leader early on and keeep the ship afloat we could be going places. Once we get Rajon back this team has enough talent to beat 8-9 teams in the east consistently. I think Rondo and Green will be a great combo together running up and down on the break.

    • I really like the frontcourt we have built with Sullinger, Bass, Faverali (sorry on spelling) and Olynyk goinng forward. I see Bass being a very good board banger and our heart on D. Sully will be a great sixth man for this team.

    • I like Gerald Wallace as a talent, but not his contract. ANd i feel come Feb. some contender will need a solid all-around player like Wallace. In the end i doubt we see Humphries or Wallace make it the whole year on the roster.

    • I want the Celtics to keep Rondo, unlike what many say, because i believe in Do. He can carry a young team if his relationship w Stevens stays good and he matures well. Rondo has All-NBA talent and Green to me is a great complement along w the frontcourt. Rondo can be the rock of the C's for 7 more years. We just need to get a good Center (possibly Olynyk?!?) and a very good scorer at the 2 and this team could easily become legit again. so i say keep rondo and add some good solid pieces.

    • I see this year as a Celtics team that will surprise a lot of people. Eveyone expects us to tank which isnt happening according to Danny. This team has talent. A lot of it. Its all about the guys maturing and coming together as a team w an "Us vs. the World" attitude and harnessing that talent.

    • I see Green becoming a star scorer. Avg: 21 pts, 6 rebs. I think Sully can give us a consistent 8 and 9 off the bench. I see Bass going easy 14 - 9 a night as well. I hope hope hope Bradley plays up to what they expect this year and i think he will. I think Brooks will struggle along with Humphries. i dont see them buying into this for a reason.

    Season Projection: 36-44, 8th seed in the East, swept first round vs. Heat.

    Season MVP: Team: Rondo

    Offense: Jeff Green

    Defense: Brandon Bass.

    I think we will learn that we have a lot of talent on the team this year and the future is very bright with all of talent we have and the future draft picks. So, i say stay positive even if it gets rough we're only "supposed" to win 20 games according to experts. lets show them up and play some BBall!

    GO CELTICS! (Also, love Paul and KG and miss them dearly already. I know on Jan. 23 i will shed tears for sure! I hope they upset the Heat in the playoffs! PP my favorite player always and forever!)

    Totally wrong lol . Gladly. Hopefully we win the lotto now.

    Bass wasn't good. Hump actually was. Green was .... green... and well we tanked!! haha oh well