2014 CELTS = 2013 OKC?

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    Re: 2014 CELTS = 2013 OKC?

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    see jabros, doesnt matter if u blowed it up or not or bring in a kevin love or griffin in here or whoever.. the bottom line is that health and LUCK are moreimportant than skill. let bron turn an ankle and is at 80% and they are out of there. same with mj back in the day. how come he stays perfectly healthy thru every playoff run along with pip and rodman and others thru SIX runs? ditto with magic and kareem for the most part. like it or not, kg and pp have aanswered the bell. its been the rondos and green whose knees and HEART havent been in it thru fate. keep reggie lewis and bias heart in it and we are talking 20+ rings by now. how could we have avoided that? is what it is. when u have heart, relative heaLTH (nothing season ending minus kg ONCE) and chemistryu dont blowed that up!

    nothing's guaranteed.. larry, mchale were breaking down, which is y those guys should have been traded or compromised. our guys have good relative heart, they just need help carrying the regular season record. u tell me we cant lose in the second round as okc is about to do? no guaranteed. just last year, went to the eastern conference finals, we cant do that at full strength for TWO years as we rebuild and hope fate frowns on the heat at some point? gime a break! rebuilding has far more risks than staying the course!

    Its said that the most important stat in sports is games played.

    (Not that it can necessarily be a predictor for future results. Westbrook had a stellar history of not missing games or getting hurt. All it takes is one bozo Beverly to make a non-basketball play or mistake and you're season's over.)

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    Re: 2014 CELTS = 2013 OKC?

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    Don't feed the troll, this poster is an absolute loser

    Oh I know. I'm not feeding the troll. I just read the first two sentences (before my my mind tangled with his illiteracy) and wanted to add that old time adage: Games played is the most important stat in sports.


    But thanks for the warning.