I expect Danny to acquire one more (at least) first round pick in the 2014 draft via trade.  If we did, I could see it going down as follows:

- We draft Smart with our first pick.  If he is unavailable, Exum.  Either becomes our near term PG perhaps evolving to SG longer term.  Even if Parker is available I don't pick him because...

- This draft is LOADED with as many as 17 very high quality SFs, any could go in the top 20.  That leaves players like Saric (Crotia); Hood (Duke); Young (Ken); Ross (OS); Poythress (Ken); McDermott (Creigh); Harrel (Louiv); Dekker (Wisc); Anderson (UCLA); Vonleh (Ind); Warren (NCST); Flair (Syr) available to the end of the first round - I would target Saric with our third (Brooklyn) pick at 22ish. 

- With our newly acquired pick via proposed trade (assuming around 15ish), I take Johnson (C) Kentucky if available (assuming Embiid (C) is off the board), or Cauley Stein (C) or posibly Austin (C) Baylor.