1.  The confusion on Lebron's Role - I believe Lebron will regret going to Miami when all is said and done.  Lebron needs to be the guy shooting the ball 20+ times a game.  Instead he's Pippen to Wade's Jordan.   Lebron would have been suited going to a team with a big man that can score and a point guard that can set Lebron up for easy baskets.  Even if Lebron wins 4 rings like this, he'll never be considered the greatest or even top 5.   

2.  Chris Bosh - The big hype of the big 3 going to Miami was a big part to Bosh who people acted like he was in the Garnett or Duncan level.  Instead, Bosh is like Jermaine O'Neil at his peak.  A very good player, an All-star, but not a great.  A guy who can't even dominate the boards like a Rodman or Dwight Howard can.   Bosh is a nice player, but in reality, he's not the guy teams fear.  He's not even in Gasol level. 

3.  Lack of a 4th option - The Heat needed a guy who could threaten to score 20 any given night if he got hot.  This was supposed to be Mike Miller, but he was a bust.    

The problem for the Heat is that I doubt they can fix these problems next year and with the Bulls and Knicks getting better, as well the Magic and Celtics still having a solid shot, it's not going to be a cake walk through the East.