3 team idea

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    3 team idea

    Celtics get: Marcus Camby Timberwolves get: Jamal Crawford, Keyon Dooling and Craig Smith Trailblazers get: Michael Beasley, Jermaine ONeal, Chris Wilcox and Darko Milicic Reasoning: yes Camby makes the Celtics older (apparently it is possible haha). All the guy does is rebound and play defense. He is a good rental IMO. He is obviously a sentimental favorite as well. Minnesota gets a scorer out of the backcourt which they need. Dooling adds depth and Smith would become a part of the rotation down low. He is a hard worker. Wolves also dont take on any long term bad deals. Blazers are a mess... I think they are going to blow it up if the opportunity presents itself. Beasley offers them a scoring option to compliment Aldridge and as currently constituted they could go small and run with a lineup of Felton (or Blake according to rumors), Matthews, Beasley, Wallace, Aldridge. Darko is at worst a real solid backup center and is fairly paid for what he can do. Celtics send 2 second round picks to Blazers for Blazers to buy out JO and Wilcox Not necessarily a glamourous deal but it isn't unrealistic and it ties the Crawford to sota rumors with our need for another big and honestly age aside.... Doesn't Camby fit the bill?
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    Re: 3 team idea

    There is a reason why there aren't a lot of bigs who can run available. They are coveted the the celts are void of assets. This trade idea is going off te assumption that they aren't trading rondo or the big three. You know what else helps fast breaks??? Actually rebounding the ball. Which Camby does. And his offense is no worse than perk at this point and is at least a threat to knock down a 10 footer. He is no Jordan but like I said not a glamourous option but he would be an upgrade
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