Boy I can't wait to watch this game- going to the DVR...  Excellence in execution. 

I can see rondo is getting outplayed by a relative scrub, again, in an important game. 

KG with 2 free throw attempts....  is brand or hawes that hard for him to go down and post up on and draw some fouls when times get tough?  that can't be strictly up to pierce any given night.

Maybe Doc's inability to gain an 'ear' with this team is rooted in the fact that he has never run a system with accountability involved....  regarding veteran players.  and now that things are harder as we are older and injured, the vets don't listen to doc because they don't have to.  they've never had to.

Not only is doc an empty content in-game coach but he's never pulled anyone from a game for not listening aside from one game in toronto i can remember where rondo just quit trying about 10 plays in a row and was finally taken out.

Other than that young rondo has never seen accountability- he does as he pleases on defense, gamble, good defense, try, not try.  show up or don't show up, you still get your 40 minutes and praise.

The fact that the veterans are not responsive to any sort of corrective action or that no corrective action was offered in ALL BUT ONE PLAYOFF GAME so far this year is alarming to me.  ATL (with INJURIES) and PHI are not good basketball teams, yet we struggle like they are leviathans of the sport....  oy vay