Its been buggin me lately.. Watching teams spread the floor, players standing in opposite corners behind the line doing nothing but waiting for the ball.. The Heat are the perfect examples of this but many other teams do the same.

When the 3pt line didnt exist, teams had to work to get good shots.. the post game was huge. Throwin the ball out for a long jumper was the last resort because the FG% is always lower from downtown...

BUT, enter the 3 pt line... now the FG% can be lower cause you get 3 points instead of 2. Big change in strategy!!

I hate watchin a team play great defense only for a cross court pass to find Arroyo (who's been standing in the same place for 22 secs) catchin the ball, barely getting it off before the defense rotates and sinkin a 3.. especially some player that isnt a shooter and chucks it up in desperation.

I know.. it goes both ways and the Celtics score in this manner as well.  Still, I have to admit I just dont like it.. taking away from mid range jump shooting.. why shoot a jumper for 2 when u can take 2 steps back and make it a 3?  KG one of the few exceptions but you get my point.

Cant say im convinced the 3pt shot should go... but it does bug me