5 Outside Observations

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    5 Outside Observations

    1) Does anyone else despise the end of the game when it's foul, free throw, foul, time out, deep three, miss, foul, free throw. For a fast paced game, the end of basketball games is excrutiating.

    Why isn't there a push to eliminate this free throw contest?

    2) Officiating is completely subjective and they rarely call traveling when it happens almost every possession. Sorry, a jump step is a jump and it should be a traveling call (Peitrus 3, the first of the back to backs). Also, it's 2 steps, not 4.

    And what's with charging? Why should it be a charge if a defender jumps in the lane right before the offensive player attemps a dunk or a layup. 

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed with the shoddy calling of games and the favoritism in the league?

    3) Why did Rasheed have to complain so much. Now you can't even complain about the bad calls.

    4) Does Rondo even want to be here?

    5) Do you think there are voices in Garnett's head that talk back to him? Do other players think he's pyscotic?

    I've been a life long Celtics fan but I just can't get into the game anymore. The refs and the end of game free throw contest has ruined it. Please, someone tell me there is hope of officiating getting better, favoritism abating, and a change to the free throw contest at the end of games.

    Or tell me to shut up and go away cause the game is doing great.

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    Re: 5 Outside Observations

    The free throws thing has been going on as long as I can remember.
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    Re: 5 Outside Observations

    Yes, it sounds to me like you have to start following another sport. Like baseball...cough, cough.