Defense is supposed to be a Cs trademark, but already there is evidence of a glaring shortcoming. Points inthe paint by the opposing team are a good measure of where the defense is at in its developmnt. Last night, and not for the first time this young season, opposing teams core in the paint like they own it. Maybe that's because the two best paint defenders are gone, Davis and Perkins. Any time Jermaine sets up they seem to call him for a foul. I'm uessing its because he reacts physically and defensively to prevent getting hurt,whereas Perk and Baby stood firm and hard. But that's just my guess.
I've only watched a couple of other NBA games so far but it looks like a road race, with players flying up and down and not much passing or setting up plays. That style is not what the aging Cs need, not until they give a lot more minutes to the younger guys. Personally basketball is played at its best when its a team game, with players helping out on both ends, looking for the open man , settingicks, moving the ball and moving without the ball. There's not a lot of that that I've seen so far.