A Large Trade Proposal

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    A Large Trade Proposal

    It is most certainly a stretch, and more pieces might have to be added to have the money work... maybe some draft picks have to be thrown in here or there, but here is a way for Danny to set up the Celtics good moving beyond the big 3. Big 5 team trade


    Celtics Get:

    Demarcus Cousins

    Josh Smith

    Kevin Love


    Atlanta Gets:

    Paul Pierce

    Eric Bledsoe


    Sacramento Gets:

    Rajon Rondo

    Fab Melo


    Minnesota Gets:

    Deandre Jordan

    Jeff Green?

    1st Round Pick


    Clippers Get:

    Kevin Garnett



    Maybe the salaries don't match well, and maybe Eric Bledsoe would have to go to Minnesota instead with a first round pick thrown to Atlanta, or maybe another pick thrown to Minnesota, but that is my basic idea for a crazy trade. (The Celtics would certainly have good rebounding for once after this...) Thoughts?


    Celtics Starting 5 after:

    Avery Bradley (PG)

    Courtney Lee (SG)

    Josh Smith (SF)

    Kevin Love (PF)

    Demarcus Cousins (C)





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    Re: A Large Trade Proposal

    Atlanta takes back too much salary.

    That would be a HUGE front-court team. I think you improve this idea by taking out Atlanta from the puzzle.

    BOS: Cousins, Love

    MIN: Bledsoe, Butler, Sullinger

    SAC: Rondo, Melo

    LAC: KG



    Evans / Lee

    Bradley / Terry

    Pierce / Green

    Love / Bass

    Cousins / Wilcox / Collins



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    Re: A Large Trade Proposal



    Someone please tell me that that isn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? At least for the Celtics, we'd be on track for long term success! We'd have a new big 3 era of a dominant front court. Crazy-good defensive team. We would be taking the Indy strategy of beating Miami with size.

    There are rumors that MIN ownership & love aren't seeing eye to eye. Doc drools at having Love. Love's outside game works beautifully with Cousins. Those two would take a ton of pressure off of the rest of the team to rebound. Tell me I am wrong.

    Who's the poster that says Rebounds = Championships?