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A little Perspective for the Whiners

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    Re: A little Perspective for the Whiners

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    It's not about being up 2-0. Even if the Celtics sweep NY there will still be fans here whining about how the Celts should have beaten NY by an average of 20 points per game.
    Posted by Fiercest34

    What will they do now?  lol

    IM TELLIN YOU JOU THE TRUTH!  I knew we would win this game , but I didnt want to go that far and take the heat, but I predicted  sweep and still believe it....this team about to lay down...Chauncey is not there to keep them in it....Amare and Melo are just scorers with no real hardware yet
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    Re: A little Perspective for the Whiners

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    the only thing i would whine I wish the celts would attack the basket more... when they do that and play tough d everything else falls into place... sometimes they just settle for the 10 footer when they should force the issue and attack the rim
    Posted by jcour382

    I agree that good things happen when you attack the basket. Last night the execution was so good and the looks so wide open you had to take the shot. I don't think you'll see that kind of shooting again anytime soon. Yet, the Knicks defense....
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    Re: A little Perspective for the Whiners

    ".why are so many people complaining about the state of the team after going up 2-0?"

    Well, I for one am enjoying these victories, they have been terrific. Having said that, we're beating up on a hobbled Knicks team that is vastly inferior to the next three teams we will have to beat to win a title. Hopefully you are aware of this? 

    "Now if we get swept by the Heat after that, I will be dissapointed, but Im not gonna go looking for Danny, he got us one in 08'"

    Very nice of you to look out for Danny like that. I hold a different view: you should get credit for your failures and your successes. Both. I hope we win it all and I can be the one to say that Ainge was a genius and I was the idiot. But if we go out at any point before getting deep into the NBA Finals Ainge will always be questioned for the Perk trade and the other late season moves (especially given how useless the players he has gotten in return are). It will be part of his legacy - just like the '08 championship run was. 

    I for one am advocating not fully judging this trade until we get through the playoffs. For now, I'm rooting on the team. But I suspect even you are a bit disappointed that the players we have gotten for Perk have been playoff busts so far. Krstic can't seem to do anything right and Green has been so Charmin soft. I hope they find a way to more, we're going to need more, especially from Green, to advance.  

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    Re: A little Perspective for the Whiners

    Great Post!  My sentiments exactly!  Pud...everyone should have an IGNORE on you cause you are a pud!  Rondo stays...when he has more than 10 assists (which he had 20 last night and a triple double)...the only person to ever ever do that was Magic!  Rondo is sooooooooooooooooooooooo valuable...and has proven it...he'll guard anyone!  In post game interview...listen to him..he's focused and very very intelligent (like me)....he'll figure out Rose and smack him! 

    Also, JO is back...he blocked almost all shots that came him way and he had a swagger!  Ray and PP were unbelievable...Green is feeling more confident and KG is the referee out there ready to go nuts himself if possible..

    This team is focused and dialed in ...MF!  Can you feel it?  And if the Big Guy actually comes back, WOW!!!!!  If you were another team, would you want to play the Celtics?