AB, JG, and Sullinger

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    Re: AB, JG, and Sullinger

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Windhorst: It sounds like they might. Ainge has told people he plans to build around Jeff GreenAvery Bradley and Jared Sullinger. It sure seems like they'll be "rebuilding" next season to set themselves up for a good draft pick in the supposedly great 2014 draft. They've been dangling Rondo for years now. He'll have to prove he's healthy, but I expect teams to be looking to get him. Ainge is setting a standard here that he doesn't require proven talent back in big deals.


    Wait, wheres Rondo? ha!

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    Re: AB, JG, and Sullinger

    I think that is a satement as much as to how DA would like our style of play to be as those players. I feel that those 3 are good young core and if a up and down pressure offense and defense I think you could add T Will and Crawford to that mix and makes drafting Olynik (?) a decent choice.

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    Re: AB, JG, and Sullinger

    They are all complementary pieces and if AB, JG and Sullinger are your top three players then good luck to the Celts -- they're in the lottery, which is where they need to be.  If Rondo was omitted on purpose, it's because the writing is on the wall.  Rondo is playing on a below market contract and I don't believe he is a guy you build around -- assuming he even wants to be here next year.  As soon as Rondo proves he can play I'd start taking offers on him.  By the time the C's have some developed players he's gonna be 30.