Absoluetely F_ _ _ _ _ _ Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Absoluetely F_ _ _ _ _ _ Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Response to Absoluetely F_ _ _ _ _ _ Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
    F you trolls. I don't cry I don't complain. They played lousy! They rolled over! They f'n S_ _ _ !!! I'm calling like it is. This isn't Celtics Basketball. It's losing Basketball and guess what we lost again playing just as aweful as Sunday. I hope Dallas get's you again!! Well I'll be hitting the bars early Saturday if we play like this. I'm not saying it's over, but it's time to snap the F out of it!!!!!
    Posted by freedomofspeech13

    Dude chill out. I'll hit you up on FB later. Doc will either right the ship and get them playing the way they should or the League is going to get the Final it wants simple as that. If that happens I won't be watching.
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