Adapting Trade Ideas: What about this?

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    Adapting Trade Ideas: What about this?

    BOS: Turkoglu, Perkins, Harkless, 2014 Orlando 1st, 2016 Orlando 1st (top15 protected), 2014 Mavericks 1st (top20 protected '14 - '17, unprotected in 2018)

    ORL: Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee

    OKC: Aaron Afflalo


    Boston Rationale: Although trading away our two best players is hard to swallow, the Celtics receive a high impact pick in the 2014 draft. Depending on when this trade occurs (likely late season), the Orlando pick should fall in the top 10. If Danny drafts well, Boston could come away with two future allstars in this draft at the PG and SF spots. Mo Harkless may need a few more years to become an impact player, but has GOOD potential. If the 2014 pick from the Mavs (through OKC) hits this year, it'll likely be in the low 20's. If not, it could easily turn into an unprotected pick in '18 which would be of huge value. Essentially, the Celtics turn two assets and a contract into four potential assets. Perk comes home as Boston is in a position to eat his salary. Imagine (potentially) a roster of: Smart, Bradley, Harkless, Jabari Parker, Sullinger, Olynyk, Sullinger, Perk, Fav, Brooks, Crawford, Bass, Wallace. 2015 season, Perk becomes an expiring and Wallace & Bass a bit more palatable to take on. Full rebuild.


    Magic Rationale: The Magic get thier franchise PG to pair with their franchise SG and an up-and-coming double-double machine of a Center. Rondo and Oladipo could be a force in the backcourt and Jeff Green allows them to spread this floor with his good outside shooting. Including OKC gives a landing spot for Afflalo (opening up the SG spot for Oladipo) while retaining the expiring of Stucky which could be swapped for another shooter. This line-up gets Orlando back into the playoff hunt in 2014 in that 6-8 range.


    OKC Rationale: OKC gets rid of Perkins contrac while getting a much needed scorer off the bench. Getting Afflalo allows them to let Sefalosha walk at the end of the season without overpaying him. Adams has looked good so far and Collison has always provided solid minutes in replacement of Perk. I think OKC could then make a late season acquisiton of Jason Collins (who lets face it, is about equal to Perk right now) to shore up the Center position when going against the likes of Howard, Bogut, Gasol and Splitter.



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    Re: Adapting Trade Ideas: What about this?

    Also, for those who are high on Asik:

    BOS: Lin, Asik, 2014 1st (unprotected), 2016 1st (top15 protected)
    HOU: Rondo, Bass


    Thats the trade I'd accept. It may be asking a lot, but neither picks will really be that great, so I need the both.

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    Re: Adapting Trade Ideas: What about this?

    WE have tried to trade Rondo before, nothing near equal value offered, same now.  Rondo is worth more to the Celtics.  A couple of good draft choices and some of our guys grow up a bit, and a trade for a good vet and we are competative again with Rondo.  next year

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