I just read an article on Yahoo.com by Adrian Wogo and he is reporting that people around the League think the Russian guy is doing side deals. He mentions McHale trading KG and implies Celtic bias there. YO Adrian, why not mention the fact that this is what David "The Crook" Stern and old man Buss have made of the League. No mention of Jerry West handing over Gasol. No mention of the Lakers D-League affiliate Orlando Magic {Shaq and Howard}. No mention that these two crooks have done whatever they can to push the Lakers past the Celtics in Titles. No mention of the fact that the NBA has one of their crooked Officials in Prison and that Kenny Mauer, Jrk-off Joey and Danny Crawford should be in prison as well. Just live with what David Stern has created. Someone is beating the NBA {AKA Laker Lovers} at their own game and they cannot stand it. Go Nets............until the Celts can rebuild.