After Thoughts: Celtics vs. Heat 4/10

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    After Thoughts: Celtics vs. Heat 4/10

    I figured, I'd start doing a post series, after the games, Id give my thoughts and analysis.

    Well what a night tonight. What I was most proud of was that we sustained every blow and every run they made. Every punch thrown we absorbed it and sent one right back. Once they tied and took the lead I was afraid we werent going to fight back any more. Thats the mental toughness Pierce mentioned the other day, about how the team lacked the mental toughness needed to stay in the game once we lost a big lead or got flustered by another teams energy late in games.

    I feel confident against this team but yet I still fear this team and dont think Id like to see them in the play offs. Reason being, we played a great game. Shot almost 61% from the floor played pretty good defense. Knocked down alot of jumpers that you cant rely on consistently and yet it was still a game late in the 4th quarter. Yet they were still in it. In a series you cant expect us to shoot 61% in any game nevermind throughout the series. You cant expect Wade to miss alot of the shot he did that could have easily hurt us in key moments of the game. Not to mention them having home court.

    With that being said, Im not saying that it cant be done. I wouldnt even say we need a miracle as some ppl suppose. It would be a great series and these two games will benefit us with our confidence.

    A few things I saw that I really liked: Rondo taking control and knocking down baskets when we were struggling with our offense and couldnt find any. Come playoffs hes going to have to do that nightly. I been waiting all season to see him do that. Steisma also taking his shots, he shoots so quickly as if he is under duress, that I always cringe thinking hes going to miss, Id like to see him slow down into a rhythm but if that is his shot than I guess I can learn to live with it. Our rebounding, some ppl may say it was miamis lack of hustle, or that it was just one game but lately the individual efforts of KG Bass and Seimsma have been picking up.. it we can just get a few more rebounds off the bench as a collective unit, you will see the increase in our team rebounding.

    These are my after thoughts, Cant wait for the hawks

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    Re: After Thoughts: Celtics vs. Heat 4/10

    In Response to Re: After Thoughts: Celtics vs. Heat 4/10:
    [QUOTE]Here's my afterthought, nobody in the league sees the Celtics as an afterthought anymore. Nobody wants to play them the way they are going right now.
    Posted by DFURY13[/QUOTE]I wouldn't go as far as saying that no team in the league wants to play the Celtics right now. With the exception of a few, all teams in the league have a sense of pride and will welcome the opportunity to gauge their readiness for the post season against the high standard of play displayed by the Celtics in recent games. Even the lesser teams will want to face the Celtics just to prove that the latter can be beaten. Nonetheless, this was an important win for the Celtics. Hopefully, our guys can stay healthy and focused for the playoffs.