Danny Ainge created a winning team by forming a slow ball,defensive minded, trash talking,smash mouth style basketball team. Ainge had watched the Piston/Knicks use this style of play and win titles in the 90's. The NBA was dieing because of this style of play and the NBA owners had a meeting to find a way to end this style of play and bring excitement and the fast break back to the NBA. Most owners agreed and rules were put in play to try and stop this thug ball. For 15 years it worked and the NBA prospered and the game became faster and exciting again. Then Ainge brought the thug ball back to the NBA and won a title playing this grind it out style of play.Boston won with Perk ,Garnett and Posey beating up the other teams insted of beating them with talent.

Now Boston is too old to beat anyone up and they are now just a slow,old, and boring team to watch. You can't beat up what you can't catch and Boston is losing more then they are winning. Boston used to win games 82-72 in slow down slug fest, now they lose 100 to 82 .

Ainge is still drafting slow ball players like Sullinger and Melo,both men couldn't beat a turtle down the floor.

The Celtics need to return to the glory years of Russel, Cowens, Bird and run the fast break.

Ainge and Doc need to be fired, the team broken up and bring back the Celtics Pride.

New  Coach  Jo Jo White

New GM Larry Bird

Trade  Garnett for Gasol,  Pierce for Gortat & Dudley,  Sullinger & Melo for Redick.  Bass for Nick Young .

Waive Collins bring back Darko promise him playing time.

New Look C's  starters  Gortat , Green, Gasol, Redick, Rondo.  Second team  Bradley, Barbosa,Dudley, Darko & Young. Subs Lee , Terry, Joseph, Varnardo & Wilcox.

Fast breaking, team play, aggressive high scoring offense IN, -- Out- trash talking,slow down,low scoring,old players and Doc and Danny.


Happy New Year