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Ainge doesn't have to wait until the deadline

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    Re: Ainge doesn't have to wait until the deadline

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    Crickets ....


    I don't see DeAndre Jordan or JaVale McGee walking through that door!


    Who said anything about Jordan or McGee?


    Right now even Drew Gooden would be an upgrade over Bass.


    David West will be a FA soon and Bird is gone ... He won't get traded but he could be available in a S&T this summer.


    If he had signed with the Celtics in the first place instead of Indiana, we would be a much better team.  

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    Re: Ainge doesn't have to wait until the deadline

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    Ainge isn't going to do anything I don't think. 

    Only exceptions would be: 

    - if he gets a great player offer he just can't refuse for the future (highly unlikely)

    - if he can find a big without giving up much

    As for this: 

    "We need a big and make a run for the title"

    Maybe - but, two things: 

    - we no longer have the assets to get a good big. There's no longer depth at the guard position to trade. 


    - we may not need a big. I mean, can you tell me the team in the NBA postseason we should be worried about matching up with in the middle? The Lakers are not going to be a concern, OKC doesn't have a dominant big, Miami doesn't either. Brooke Lopez of the Nets might be the closest, and the Nets are hardly a sure thing. 

    So yeah, a really good big would be nice but we have no way to get one without giving up a key piece. I don't think Ainge will mess with this chemistry. 

    But I could see Ainge finding a way to deal for a so-so big that can give some fouls and block a couple shots.



    folks we hvae a winner, here.


    why in the world would ainge/doc break this team up now?


    they are playing the way Ainge/Doc thought they would when they put this team together now.


    do we need an adittional big man...oh YEAH.


    are we likely to get one for the nothing we have to offer...NOPE.

    maybe we can pick up an older vet that gets bought out of his contract...but thats a long shot, IMO.


    The celtics are playing better than almost any other team in the league right now.

    we are NOT playing KG or PIerce more minutes than they should be now.

    Maybe they won't keep it up.

    Maybe this team will go back to a plodding stand around offense with one player pounding the ball on the flpoor over and over whiel the closk winds down.

    Maybe soemone else goes down for the year

    maybe they all stop playing defense

    Maybe they will get in the playoffs and get knocked off by Indiana or Chicago

    Maybe they get to the east finals again with Miami


    Ainge should be run out of town IF he trades KG or PIerce now.