Ainge's long-term plan = Love and Durant?

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    Re: Ainge's long-term plan = Love and Durant?

    In response to scubber's comment:

    IMO, what we have to offer as a package matters very little.  Where Love wants to go trumps just about everything just like when we got KG.  We will have Rondo (maybe) and a bunch of picks this summer but we will still be basically a bottom dweller in the league, does that float Love boat?  We won't have anything equivalent or closed to Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on the team.  So yeah, I have a problem with Simmons logic here.

    Two three years later after we draft a few decent players, then we might be able to make such move.  It took Ainge 5 years to be able to do that deal with KG if we kind of forget what actually happened.


    I agree that what we can offer means nothing if Love doesn't want to come here. As kdp59 said, attack Simmons, not me, if you think there is no way Love agrees to play for the Celtics.

    Simmons also had this to say:

    If this were a poker table, the Celtics would have the biggest stack of chips right now. If any current NBA player appreciates stuff like “Celtic Pride,” “That’s a great organization that looks out for its dudes” and “wearing the same jersey that Russell and Bird wore,” it’s Kevin Love.

    Simmons predicts he ends up in LA like most of this board does.

    I just think the Celtics will still have a lot of assets left and be in a very good place to make Kevin Love agree to come here. Remember, the Ray Allen move bumped the Celtics from a bottom dweller to a 1st rd playoff team, but without KG they would not have been title contenders.

    A trade for Love would bump the Celtics from a 'tanking' team, better than the 5-10 range they end up, to a 2nd rd playoff team, which is FAR better than any situation Love has been in before in his career. But yes, he would have to be patient and wait until the 2017 playoffs, when he is 4 months shy of his 29th birthday, to contend for a title. He'd still be 2 years younger than Pierce was, the youngest of our new big 3, when the C's contended in '08. Rondo will 3-4 months past his 31st birthday then, which is still younger than KG and Ray were in 2008.


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    Re: Ainge's long-term plan = Love and Durant?

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment:

    This can work, but the thing is - Ainge certainly has to have more than one plan. Because he hasn't signed Rondo. 

    This plan doesn't work if Rondo signs a max contract, he's not a max contract player. If he signs a hometown discount, and Ainge can get Rondo fairly affordably, then the rest falls into place. 

    But I don't think Ainge will risk losing Rondo for nothing so I would expect a Rondo trade this summer if he can't easily sign him.

    Ainge definitely has more than one plan. Like he did back in 2007.

    Remember, in 2007, had he not gotten KG, there was no way he was going to have a roster with two 'win-now' veterans (PP and Ray) and two future stars (Al and Rondo) jumbled together.

    The Celtics had a lottery protected 1st round pick of Minny's in 2009 that would have eventually turned into a pick in the teens. Plus the rest of the guys/'09 pick from the KG trade would be back in place  and in play.

    The C's would likely have moved everything but Big Al to the Suns for Shawn Marion that summer. The Suns offered Marion to the C's for pick #5 and Theo we went with Ray instead b/c KG was the eventual goal and Wally had to be gone. If KG said no, the C's could have revisited that and the Suns could have seen themselves getting a 1st rd pick in the 17-23 range, a future Minny 1st, a backup for Nash they were intrigued by and eventually brought in (Telfair) and good 7 seconds or less system guys (Green and Gomes), plus Theo could block some shots and play backup C.

    A Big Al-Marion-Pierce-Ray-Rondo team in 2008, backed up by Perk-Baby-Posey-TA-House could have been a title contender as well. Had they not made that trade, they likely don't sign Posey, but then that winter trump LA's offer for Gasol by including Perk. Perk, Theo, and two first rd picks for Pau Gasol.

    Gasol-Al-Pierce-Ray and Rondo go into the '08 playoff like gangbusters, and could easily have won the title that year as well.

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    Re: Ainge's long-term plan = Love and Durant?

    I believe Ainge will try hard to trade for and sign Love this summer.

    What if Durant is not the ultimate goal because the Celtics get lucky (finally) and land pick 2 or 3, and know they will get Parker or Wiggins at the draft.

    Couldn't they also follow up with these trades:

    1. Before the draft send Gerald Wallace (2/20), Bass (1/7), Bogans (5m unguaranteed = $0), Sully (2m next year) and the Nets pick (17-20 range), Better of our '15 picks and Nets unprotected in '16 pick for Kevin Love?

    That deal saves Minny a few million next year and Bass can be part of a deadline trade that gets them something. After next season Love probably walks, they owe Wallace 10m over 1 year instead of Martin 14.5 over 2, Wallace becomes a valuable expiring to use in a trade. Then Rubio, Sully, Pekovic, Muhammad, Dieng and whoever they take in '14 w/ Nets pick is a good young core  and they have their own top 5 pick and another 1st in '15 and two 1st in '16, one of which could be the VERY bad by then Nets lotto pick to add to that core. T'Wolves come off pretty good.

    2. C's then sign and trade Humphries, starting at around 8 million, and send him with Favarani (perfect poor man Gortat) to the Rockets, maybe with a future 2nd rd pick, for Asik. Who the Rockets have no interest in paying 15m next year.

    Love joins a team that should vault into the top in the east right away and agrees to a max extension:

    C - Asik, Olynyk, Joel Anthony

    PF - Love, Olynyk, Green

    SF - Green, Parker/Wiggins, Chris Johnson

    SG - Avery, Martin

    PG, Rondo, Bayless (1 yr w a raise 4.5 million), Pressey

    Deadline 2015 Ainge makes a final offer to Rondo for a less than max extension to be part of this rebuild. 5/70 or something like that. If Rondo refuses, Ainge trades him at the deadline and obviously gets an assett back, like a young PG or a lottery pick.

    Or Rondo is here for less than max money and the team still has 12-14 million under the cap that summer. They could let Jeff Green and Asik walk and go after Marc Gasol or keep Asik and add a player with their own pick of the Clippers and as soon as Wiggins or Parker make the 2nd or 3rd year jump to all-star they team is a title contender if w/o a Durant long-term goal.

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