Ainge's old thoughts on Bird make Perkins trade less surprising

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    Re: Ainge's old thoughts on Bird make Perkins trade less surprising

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    I guess 28 min, 9 point, 8 rebound, 2 block Center who ALL THE EXPERTS say is a top 3 post/rim defender in the game is a 'complimentary player'? So someone who will always be between the 5th-7th best/most important player on your team is a 'journeyamn' and a 'complimentary' player hahaha Dudder can always fall back to his racist attacks on Perk, he was proven wrong, 100%, by truth and facts, lets not let him actually feel his analysis of Kendrick "flipping burgers by now" Perkins to EVER be anywhere near the truth it is not Dud was wrong he continues the sad hate parade A disgusting man
    Posted by rameakap

    You mean 9 points and 8 boards.... holy c rap.  I had no idea you could get that from a center.  Oh wait give me Noah, either Lopez, either Gasol, Howard, Kaman, Deandre Jordan, Stoudamire, Okafor, Chandler, and a whole bunch of others and wow I won't miss Perk.  Reality is a really bad place to live for some but you are welcome anytime.

    p.s. you will never find a post where I use the word complimentary because I one of the few that realize that people use complimentary when they mean complementary.  Also, on his absolute best day Perk is a Dampier or Cartwright and of course whenever you use the "defensive this or that" qualifier you obviously show what you really mean.  A one way player who is overrated in that skill and has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of being a complete player.
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    Re: Ainge's old thoughts on Bird make Perkins trade less surprising

    wellp, i don't think this team will miss perkins all that much.  he had some good attributes in toughness and grit but also had incredibly limited coordination, hands and feet, not to mention major mental problems. 

    by playoff time, old "perk" would be rolling through the referees again, piling up the t's and that's such a tired old schtick I can't even find the words to explain it.  in THAT regard, perkins was never a true celtic.  mchale always moaned about fouls but rarely got T's and was not outwardly raging toward puny 5-11 referees the way perkins did.  perkins never learned and squandered his and the team's credibility. 

    this aspect of perkins cannot be underestimated.  the cumulative damage that he did the teams over his league-leading technicals phase of his life, which probably is not over yet, is huge.  the entire team lost credibility and the refs would be rightfully angry by the end of most games having to listen to perkins cuss them out.

    for what he's worth, davis, a much more affable player who has GREAT credibility with the refs (or he wouldn't lead the league in charges drawn), can body out (of their sweet spot) any big man this league has to offer, no matter the height.  this is a huge asset.  we're better to use it than use perkins with his horrible attitude.

    at the end of the day, BOS is clearly just saving shak and whatever shred of jerlame there is left- shak WILL BE THERE come playoff time no matter what silly little injury they are citing now.  so we have kristic, davis, shak at the very least working the 5.

    increased scoring, better hands and mobility from kristic will be a big plus.  maybe we can get inside his head and get some better defense and rebounding out of him in the mean time.  kristic has never been a really bad rebounder but he could be better.

    all in all, i don't think we'll miss perkins much.  shak will put his man pants on for 20 a night no matter what once it's nut cupping time and davis and kristic can fill in the blanks from there with better attitude and mobility than perk ever had.
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    Re: Ainge's old thoughts on Bird make Perkins trade less surprising

    In Response to Re: Ainge's old thoughts on Bird make Perkins trade less surprising:
    I agree with the Bird logic, but if that's the case, why not get rid of one of our AGING stars? If he's afraid of the rebuild that will ensue if he didnt break up the core, why not trade one of the guys that are closer to the end of their career? I would think that this logic would have kept Perk in the fold to build around along with Rondo for the future
    Posted by DPG182

    The Celtics cannot win a championship this year if they deal one of the Big 3. We cannot say that about Perk, at least I couldn't. The beauty of getting Jeff Green is that they are getting a good player that figures to be a part of the post Big 3 roster.