What is your all NBA playoff team right now?

Arbitrary Rules:

1. Have to assign players their current playing positions, so you can't just load up your team non-sensically (i.e. Cant do Paul, Curry, Harden, Durant, Lebron)

2. Lets say that Lebron, Anthony, and Durant are 3's.

3. Also only one player per playoff team

4. Players have to have been active in the last played game. Therefore, no Westbrook, no Griffin, etc.



Curry (Paul very close 2nd)

Harden (nobody even close IMO)

Lebron (Durant close 2nd, but wanted to use Ibaka)

Ibaka (Randolph close 2nd)

Noah (Lopez close 2nd, Gasol close 3rd, KG close 4th, Duncan close 5th)