"When it comes to basketball, Rondo is the smartest player on the team- one of the smartest players in the league," one locker-room source said. "And Ray considers himself a smart guy. But at some point it became hard for Ray to be corrected by a guy so much younger then him."

REALLY!!!, give me a break if this is true as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, good riddence Mr. Allen you are truly more of a baby then I thought you were based on reports circulating when the Celtics went after him he was seen to be a big cry baby when he didn't get his way sulking and just disengaging from the team. I guess the team was able to deal with it but doesn't sound like they were overly distraught at loosing him, heck it sounds like Paul made a call but wasn't too engaged and ditto for KG. I felt all along we should let him go and deal with the loss this year and try to prepare to upgrade the team in 2013 for another big run.