Amare is a great player who has given us/KG trouble. But how come he waited to grow the balls to say this after he got hurt?

At least Baby was brave (and stupid) enough to talk trash knowing he had to face the music if he didnt back it up. Even though Amare is capable of dominating, he now gets a free pass to talk his trash of how great he was gonna be... how convenient for him.

"What makes it frustrating is that after Game 1, we had a great chance to win the series," Stoudemire said.  (Let me understand, after losing game 1 it gave the Knicks a great chance to win the series?)

"We feel we had a great chance to win that game, and I was totally ready to go, to dominate for the rest of the series. I was ready to dominate. I was so ready to dominate, in warm-ups, I got myself going and touched the backboard with my left hand and dunked with the right and felt something pull in my back"