And Now The Good News

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    And Now The Good News

    The Celtics practiced today with 14 players. Having full participation in practice is paramount to building chemistry especially on the defensive end. The depth we all been waiting for is starting to come together.

     Shaq looked great and enthused as he returned. Did you see him huddle everyone up to set the defense. He looked like he was in shape and ready to go. Yes the injury is a concern but all recent accounts are he will be back. I loved seeing the fire in his belly when he was going off the court heading to the tunnel where he punched the air. Shaq wants this bad. I will not underestimate his desire to return and win number 5.
     J/O played more minutes on the 2nd night of a back to back where he was not expected to play more than 4 to 5 he ended up playing 18. He only took two shots but he had his wind and him being in the middle was presence enough to keep the penetration down. No reports of any pain or swelling is very good news.

     Wafer, Green Sasha and West will give enough minutes at the 2 and 3 to give our best shooters some rest so they have healthy legs late in games, 

    Davis and Murphy are the pack ups at the 4. Davis will get the bulk of the minutes at the 4 and around 5 to 10 at the 5. Murphy gives us fouls and with any luck a few boards and stretch the floor. Although I do not expect much from him other than 6 fouls off the bench. 

    Krytic will spell J/O and Shaq giving us offensive boards and good shooting off the bench. He will see less time against starting centers and more time against bench players this will get his confidence back up/ 

    Rondo is playing well again and showing confidence in his shot. He had a few misses yesterday but he didn’t seem to press or stop shooting a very good sign. West gives us time at the point and he is looking better and better each game. He is blocking shots and using his IQ to do the little things. Bradley will give us limited minutes and go out there last minutes of 1st three quarters.

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    Re: And Now The Good News

    Thank you for that information, I feel better. The Shaq news is wonderful.
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    Re: And Now The Good News