Andrew Bynum

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    Re: Andrew Bynum

    He will not get ten to 15 million from anybody in the NBA.  He might get an incentive laden contract.  He is a bum's bum.

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    Re: Andrew Bynum

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Bynum would be a fair gamble at a price of $11 million or $12 million for a short, two-year contract with some mutual options tacked on at the end depending on his performance. It gives him a chance to prove himself, while letting him know his value.

    It seems like a lot of analysts have not adjusted to the fact that the new salary cap and Luxury tax is kicking in and that teams are going to be a lot more cautious about big money contracts.  A rebuilding team will not give this knid of contract to Bynum.  A team on the cusp or a contender will be expected to be in high salary range and will be unlikely to do so.  Just look at what happened in Philly.  I will be really surprised if Bynum gets at $10-11M deal as you are quoting.