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just look at the sorry group that have tried to replace him over the years and now. from Rudy T (man won 2 rings) to Mike Brown (went to a finals) and of course D'antoni. it s not easy to manage stars and expectations. much easier to sneak on to greatness like the ravens are doing in the nfl. to be a belichick, Red , Phil or a Doc is much harder. Give the man his props. If I am the Lakes or any serious team out there, I offer him equity, plus full control of all basketball decisions and coaching duties as the Heat were smart to do with the Riley! Very few are truly great, Phil is one of those. his successors make him even greater by comparison. Can't even get their guys to show up and play hard and have chemistry or care. Never underestimate that power. as the pats found out, its not all about the X and O. many coaches like d'antoni are great at that but still sukkk! its about building a true TEAM! the zen master was the all-time BEST at that! red was a great combo of all, but noone equals phil in getting guys to buy in esp the impossible ego-driven mega-star type.


Ahh.  A new troll.