ANYONE ELSE glad FOR greg oden?

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    ANYONE ELSE glad FOR greg oden?

    what a moment.. was watching the blowout here in bmore when he checks into a 34 point game. just like that, the energy and vibe changed.. wiz had noone to stop him.. had an explosive dunk off an offensive board and an agressive foul.. finished with eight minutes, six points, two rebounds, 2 for 3 fr

    om the field and 2 for 2 from the free throw line in a 114-97 loss .he and bron were in sync. if he's not in a wheelchair tomorrow or by playoffs, he could b the difference maker with hibbert or any big man. before his injury in '09 he was actually being the dominant guy who was picked #1.. could make the argument he was even better than durant.. poor guy cant stay healthy! still an elite defender with a ton of skills in small doses.. talking 20 minutes top. bring in bynum, and  da ring goes to Heatles

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    Re: ANYONE ELSE glad FOR greg oden?

    After his first 2 points....the Wiz couldnt find the answer.... then came another 2 points and even another 2 points after that!!