Are Celtics Better Without Rondo

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    Re: Are Celtics Better Without Rondo

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    To all the Rondo haters and Rondo lovers, we will know for sure if the Celtics continue to win or this game is just an aberration.

    However, if the Celtics continue to win without Rondo, we'd be in denial if we can't admit that the Celts are better without Rondo.

    We'll know in the next 3 months.


    thanks for the 20 IQ analysis fierce.  the DIFFERENCE between the celtics and most teams in the league, is that we have RARELY EVER carried a backup TRUE POINTGUARD.  including right now.


    watch for the c's to pick up a true quasi decent backup pointguard.  pierce doing it with mirrors will not carry us far.  he's already tired from being played too many minutes, but the doc-beat goes on.





    Stay blessed!

    Wow you switch accounts!!   Haven't seen many of this ones post lately,  them being removed and all.  I suppose your Fakers have it all straightened out now don't they.  Don't be fooled by Kome,  a tiger can't get rid of his stripes.

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