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Are Sox Fans more Patriotic than Celtic fans ???

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    Are Sox Fans more Patriotic than Celtic fans ???

    I have copied & pasted this from "Happy Memorial Day".

    There are 99 post comments on the Sox forum---none on the Celtic forum--- regarding Memorial Day wishes for all fans and some inspirational stories too from Veterans & families & friends of Veterans.

    Because I feel that our troops are just as athletic and as much heroes as our professional team players, I wish to give them especially this weekend a tribute for their sacrifices, some with their lives, for allowing us the freedoms to watch our ballgames, picnic with our friends & families, swim at our beaches and enjoy life in our land of the free.

    If this link which I've copied and pasted does not highlight---don't know how to insert these, photos, images etc., please do yourselves a favor and copy & paste it into Google. And I would appreciate it if someone who links on and posts it as a highlight so one need not copy & paste it.

    It is narrated by one of my favorite presidents and is poignant and emotional and reminds me why we Veterans took the oath as he tells the story of a former barber private and his poem found on his body.

    Happy Memorial Day to all Veterans & Active Military too and also to all Patriots.

    Semper Fi to all former & active duty Marine Brothers !!!


    A Soldier's Pledge:


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