Everyone keeps acting like we've got a THOUSAND power forwards?  But do we really? 

  • Joel Anthony should receive a total of about 30 minutes next season, IF he's even still on the roster. 

  • Ainge can't get rid of Bass fast enough. 

  • Oly's most effective coming off the bench and playing C, when other teams decide to go with their small line-up.

  • Kris Humphries bags are all packed, does anyone actually think that we might resign Humph?

What we do have is Jared Sullinger.  And as much as I love him, would it kill us to draft a PF if the PF was the best player available?  Would it hurt his ego if we did?  What would the result be?  The Celtics have a stud rookie to come off the bench and back him up?  Let’s face it, Jared’s a big guy and can use an occasional breather.  It would also be nice if we had insurance in the event that, gawd forbid, his back ever flared up.  Could two stud PF's co-exist?  Can we hold off on over-paying for a rim protector until we’re actually a contender, and start Sully at C (sorry Satch)?  Can we, dare I say, draft Randle, and at least go to bed knowing that we received full-value from a whole season of tanking?