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Are we better without Rondo?

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to prakash's comment:

    We should not forget that the Celts were playing Portland, a team that had just lost to Washington.  The Celts are struggling to crack the upper tier group of basketball teams.  That is where they are getting frustrated.  Getting excited about Courtney Lee and Jeff Green will be justified when they help Boston beat up decent opposition consistently.

    True that. Maybe RR should have been suspended longer to get a better evaluation.....;-)

    Very curious what will happen tonight.

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to Karllost's comment:

    In response to futbal's comment:

    My post was about Rondo's career evelution with the Celtcs, although that may inform why the team seemed somewhat refreshed last night without him in the lineup (much like it was last year when he went down, they played well with AB and Ray in the back court). He is an enigmatic player, period. He is a potential true all star player period. I for one, like that he fought with Humphries, Larry fought, even Magic fought, Dr. J fought, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers even got in fights.The Celtics are a much better team with him on the floor, period, and he elevates his game to near greatness in the playoffs period. But to me, he seems narcistic, it seems the games pace, flow, etc. is always about him; his assist streak, his ole defense, he's the leader (thanks Doc), he's the best point guard in the league (as if that idiotic notion actually matters). Rondo is struggling to understand what being a true Celtic means and as I said above, it can start on defense, and I'll add transfer to running the ball and getting rid of the rock (instead of pounding it) as others have noted. Maybe Doc just doesn't like in-game coaching because this giving the reigns to Rondo thing isn't working out.

    Here's the distinction... those other guys that fought were the principles in the altercation and reacted in the heat of the moment... Rondo wasnt involved in the altercation, KG was... and Rondo wasnt trying to protect his teammate or break up/calm down a fight... there was no fight ...yet

    Not until Rondo decided to instigate one

     True. But I liked that he stood up for his teamate (KG) when he was cheapshotted. He did the same in game 1 when Dirty Wade cut (submarined) Jeff Green. I really like that about Rondo, it's obvious he cares about his teamates. He's such a strong willed individual, I just hope that along with his dedication to his teamates as individuals that can all be channeled to winning Celtics basektball.






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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

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    Quote of the evening from Courtney Lee..... "We all know Rondo's capabilities. He's a great playmaker. He's going to rack up assists. Today we just came out and played together."

    Wrap your mind around Lee's notion of just coming out and playing together.

    Sounds like winning basketball to me. Doesn't it to you too?


    Haha...Lee is hinting at what a lot of us have clearly observed.   Ball hog Rondo needs to go.

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    whoever thinks we are better without's that simple.

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    "The Celtics are bad with or without Ronda."

    The Celts have one more win than the it's not clear why you find a .500 record so hilarious. But then it's never clear if you think before you post. 

    Tough loss tonight but more evidence that taking Rondo out of the equation doesn't exactly make the Celts a better team. But most people who understand how the NBA works get that.

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to raider3524's comment:

    whoever thinks we are better without's that simple.

    2 cents plus inflation

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    Rondo isn't the problem.  I agree he plays matador on ball defense, but he plays passing lanes well.  There is a give and take there.  Do you want him picking up cheap fouls quickly or staying on the floor?  People who blame Rondo for the offense are insane.  I think Rondo is a masterful game manager....and maybe the only true point guard left in the NBA.   The reason the Celtics are not a fast break team is not Rondo.  They do not have anyone who will run with him.  I agree he could advance the ball with a pass more often instead of dribbling it up the court, but, to be honest, I don't see that many people streaking up ahead of him and when there are, hew usually gets them the ball.  I don't believe I've seen a point guard more adept at running a half court offense than Rondo.  I'm not against trading anyone, but if you trade Rondo, than you'd better get ALOT in return and not just some guy putting up average numbers on a bad team (Gortat).

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    No, No Rondo Can't Go:

    This guy is so talented, he could make me look good in an NBA game!

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    We need AB back, and we need Danny to trade for a big man.

    Yup.... hopefully AB hasnt lost too much

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    absurd. rondo is the second best point guard in the league right now (or, at least, as long as rose is hurt). the only things keeping him from challenging rose and chris paul is a more consistent outside jumper and his free throws. I take him over deron wiloiams and russell westbrook.

    yes, he's a bit of an enigma, and definitely a unique package - everyone would like to see him do a better job of preventing penetration (particularly on a team with hardly any back-end coverage) and he could cut down on some of his lapses where he makes dumb passes, but he is exactly what you want in a floor general - an excellent team defender; and a hall of fame caliber passer and penetrator. hlw many players in nba hostory can dominate games and make nba all star teams avergaing 10 or 11 points a game? i'd argue a handful or less.  

    steve nash; tiny archibald; isiah thomas; magic johnson; jason kidd; john stockton. all great point guards. all dominated the ball throughout their careers. that's what great point guards do. could rondo faciliatate a little more ball movement? yes. but there are multiple issues that are not under his control. the celts have no low post presence on offense. there are a handful of new guys that are trying to acclimate to the system. so far this season there has been some real growing pains with this team (jeff green; courtney lee; jared sullinger; chris wilcox) and none of this is rondo's fault. 

    rajon rondo is BY FAR boston's best player and is at his best against tough competition/the playoff, which means he shines when it counts - exactly the same place where weak players wilt. those talking about trading him for some second or third tier player are out of their mind. if you can't get either two top 15-20 players or the name isn't rose; durant; howard; paul; or james i'm not even considering moving him. if you don't like or appreciate what rondo brings to the court you don't know basketball. 

    it's hilarious to hear people speculating about getting rid of rondo because the celts played well against a very bad portland team without him. the celts are not a good team right now, but it has very little to do with any lacking on rondo's part. figuring out how to play team defense; and finding 1-2 legitimate low post players would be a good place to start. 

    i actually like terry as the best option at back-up point right now because he is at least willing and able to rotate between creating offense for himself and dishing the ball, where barbosa can only either pentrate and dish or create his won offense, but this team has one true pint guard on the roster and his name is rondo. he goes down and this team is done and everyone associated with this team knows this. how you could be a celtics fans and watch every game and not know this is beyond me. 

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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    Probably not, but Terry is our best backup point guard.

    To answer the thread's question, NO!!!!

    As Always,


    CELTICS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Are we better without Rondo?

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    Probably not, but Terry is our best backup point guard.

    I dont know if we can accurately answer that but I would say we are not a Better team without him, but I think we are more of a "together" team or cohesive unit, so to speak. ONe cannot overlook the fact that we always come to play when Rondo is out but with Rondo starting every night we have good games and bad. To me it seems like the rest of the team does the little things more when Rondo is out. I dont know if its guys just stepping up because they feel the need or if they just play harder when he is gone, but it could be that his matador defense and chippy attitude may be keeping our team from reaching its potential because take it from me,. noone wants to play their talls off if they think everyone isnt pulling their weight and that may be the issue based on what Ive seen the last couple years when he was out and even if it wasnt, at the least you have to say we cant still compete without him so now if Bradley is comfy at the 1, you can Move Rondo and maybe someone else for a legit Big man/Wing combo trade. Im just saying... I love Rondo, but I hate that he is so wishy washy and unpredictable and I hated that stupid streak that kept him keeping defenses honest. last year I thought he turned the corner with his shot taking but reverted to dribbling around all game looking for assists again this year and that to me is a stat hog not a winner