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Are You Kidding me????? Best Center possibly....

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    Re: Are You Kidding me????? Best Center possibly....

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    they traded 2 first round picks, rights to marc gasol, kwame brown, aaron mckie and jaravis crittenton to grizzlies. the lakers did not go over the cap so thats why its not an illegal trade and the only person to blame for that trade is the gm of the grizzlies for doing it
    Posted by rip157

    You claim to not be a lakers fan.  You are not a Celtics fan, either.  Aaron McKie was retired and coaching for the 76'ers when he was traded to the Griz.  It was such a bad trade, that it is not allowed anymore.  The Cavs tried to trade Wally Sczerbiak last year and were not allowed to.  But, of course, the lakers are allowed to bend the rules all they want.  AND Marc Gasol had ZERO NBA experience when he was traded.  And if you tell me Wallace knew he'd develop into the AVERAGE center that he is,  I have a bridge to sell you!
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    Re: Are You Kidding me????? Best Center possibly....

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    The goof balls on 710 ESPN is trying to make a claim that Andrew Bynum has the potential to be the best center ever because... 1. He is a true 7 footer9not 6'10" or 6'11") 2. He's close to 300lbs 3. Can pass 4. Can score 5. Can shoot free throws I can't believe the argument this guy is trying make.  It is all a big IF, because Bynum cant stay healthy. Best center of all time is BILL RUSSELL....count the rings!!!!!
    Posted by jdm894g

    Is the same board where I read for years and years how Al Jefferson was a perennial all-star and how Gerald Green is T Mac and how Rondo is the best point guard in history......

    it is always "ifs".......  I believe Bynum entered the league as the youngest player in the league when he was drafted and when healthy he is a very, very, very good player.

    While Howard is the best center the league (if you exclude a hurt and maybe retired Yao Ming), there are not that many good centers.

    Bynum has great hands, is a very good athlete, has good moves and good touch - not just a thug with no game like Perk.

    List the best centers in the league and you will very quickly arrive at Bynum's name..... re. Russell.... no salary cap and other than Wilt no other great centers.... is a very odd coincidence that since Russell's era there have not been as many consistent winners?????  The Cs with Russell were never pressed with the the "this year we can only sign Cousy or Russell but if we sign both we can't have Heinsohn and so on"..... management of the salary cap defines teams today.   Is it because somehow Russell was somehow superior in every way or was it because there were very few teams and most of the best players and the best coach happen to be on the same team?

    I don't want to debate it, I just want to offer something to think about.

    What I will say in closing is that Bynum is still very young and at about 40% of capacity scored 21 points had 14 rebounds and 7 blocks against Perk in game 1 last year.... oh yeah and Perk is supposed to be some sort of defensive player.
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    Re: Are You Kidding me????? Best Center possibly....

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    The LA hype machine is even effecting these idiots on 710.  They are doing this because the big propaganda machine (Laker management) is working overtime to get rid of this stiff.  Bynum will be gone for someone like Chris Paul soon enough all with Stern' s fingerprints (the league already took over the Hornets)all over it.  This is called the Laker welfare plan.   Designed to bail them out when the league sees it most profitable franchise ready to tank.  I wish there was something that could be done to stop Stern but he is one of the most corrupt CEO's we have seen. Mark my words is it will happen by the deadline.  Artest may be gone as well. 
    Posted by concord27

    concord, I don't know where you come up with your BS. The Lakers DO NOT want to get rid of Bynum. You're the ONLY one who has floated this idea. If they had wanted to get rid of Bynum, it would've happened because there are A  LOT of teams who would jump at the chance to acquire him...the Celtics included. The Lakers haven't been looking for a PG like Chris Paul, because at this point, the salaries won't match...unless they include Bynum, who they have invested in.

    As far as the Lakers tanking, they are the most well run NBA organization. They're the highest valued NBA team. According to Forbes, the Lakers are valued at $600 million. Since 1965, they have been owned by 2 people...Jack Kent Cooke, and Dr. Jerry Buss. (During the same time frame, the Celtics have been owned by approximately 13 individuals or corporations.) Dr. Buss' wealth goes well beyond the Lakers. The Lakers franchise is hardly on a "welfare plan". The Celtics, on the other hand, seem to change hands pretty frequently. That's one reason the Lakers have become the marquee team in the NBA...because of solid ownership who puts money back into the team. He's not afraid to spend money in order to make money. That's also why the've won most of their titles since the 70's and have been able to catch up to the C's.

    It won't be long before they pass the C's in total championships.