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Are you rooting for Antoine Walker?

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    Re: Are you rooting for Antoine Walker?

    I think he comes across well in interviews like these and it's obvious he still wants to be a Celtic by how he speaks of the Celtic tradition at the end of the clip when talking about Paul.  I've been accused of peddling "propaganda" on this board, but it's about swinging the pendulum back to a place of balance.  The beginning of that article makes my point for me; I find it very unfortunate the first lines of the Aldridge piece:

    " I have been warned off of this story.

    I will damage my credibility, a coach tells me, if I write a story painting Antoine Walker in a sympathetic light. He was a bad guy in Boston, the coach says of the 34-year-old Walker, and a bad guy in Miami, and a bad guy in Memphis, and he's just desperate and broke now, looking for a last payday."

    It's a shame that some people have this perception of Antoine as a "bad guy."  Bad decisions and mistakes, sure.  But it's taken way too far when they have to get personal like this.  And in Memphis, actually Chris Wallace complimented him for not raising a ruckus when he became a casualty of their youth movement and decided to not play him (Jaric was in essentially the same boat).

    The Stackhouse model is probably his best bet.  Stackhouse had not played an NBA game in over a year and was not invited to any training camps in 2009, but in Jan 2010 Milwaukee decided to add him for the stretch run and for playoff depth.  Obviously there is a public relations component to training camps more so than at any other time of the season, and Antoine even acknowledges "the negativity that swirls around him."  But by January, when it's more about winning and less about the PR stuff, I think teams will be more likely to keep an open mind, especially if there are injuries.  And then he may get the prorated vet minimum for the rest of the year. 

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    Re: Are you rooting for Antoine Walker?

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    Do you think it's possible that Danny Ainge will give Antoine a 3rd stint with the C's?  I recall Antoine being upset with Ainge and talking some trash about him to the press about 5 or so years ago. I was surprised after all of that that Danny brought Toine back. I would be very surprised to see him with the C's again.
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    I highly doubt it.  As much as I've advocated on this board for at least giving the guy a serious look I don't see it happening.  I still maintain that on a team like this Walker would be a better fit than a Harangody because of the experience factor.  If we are in another game 7 situation next year where key frontcourt guys are either hurt or fatigued and you need someone outside of the regular rotation to fill in for a 5 minute stretch, who would you be more comfortable with:  Antoine Walker or Luke Harangody?  For me it's a no brainer but probably for others it's a no brainer in the other direction Cool
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