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Arroyo or Bibby

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    Arroyo or Bibby

    If Bibby was available who would you rather have Bibby or Arroyo

    Bibby has better career numbers but I think he would not fit in with this group. When reports were the Celtics were looking at him I was glad Miami came calling.  TJ Ford would have been my 1st choice. Arroyo to me is the better fit over Bibby. I think he will not be afraid to shoot but will look to pass the ball

    I see Arroyo 5 to 6 min and West around 15 to 18 floating between the 1 and 2. I am thinking Wafer will get minuts vs Miami Chicago Lakers and Spurs at 2 because of his D. I like Arroyo getting minuts vs Orlando NY and Atlanta. With West Playing more at the 2 in those games.
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    Re: Arroyo or Bibby

    Hypothetical.  Who cares. Bibby is not coming to the Celts and Arroyo is a 3rd string guard.  None of it matters.   If we were going to spend time on hypotheticals, I'd rather have Brewer than any of them because we need to improve the defense when the first team is out of the game.