If you look back at last night compared to the last two games the problem is simple. Size equals trouble for this team. OKC has some size, but Perk and Ibaka don't frighten me. They aren't impossing and aren't that great on the offensive glass. Orlando we actually outrebouded because they have no size.

Rondo or no Rondo, Bradley or no Bradley we can't compete with teams with size. Overall defensively except for the fact that this team over helped in the paint and gave up too many wide open looks on the perimeter they weren't all that bad. The C's can't compete with Blatche, Lopez, Humphries or Evens on the glass. They should have played those guys straight up instead of giving up threes. The Nets must have made between 7 and 10 of them without me looking at stats I'm just guessing here from what I saw. I know Stackhouse had 3 or 4 and nobody was within 5 feet of him on any of them. Teams who have size and no how to play are going to cause this team to struggle all season. Even if they get all these guys on the same page defensively rebounding is a deficiency.

Moves we should have made. We should have kept Steimsma. I thought it was foolish he was not re-signed. Move 2 I wanted Blatche on this team. He had additude and could have been KG's replacement and now he is playing for a rival and I'm very angry about this. Well they didn't make those moves so we must move on.

Moves they have to make. Sorry Jason Collins is aweful. Sign Kenyon Martin today!! I wouldn't wait. Martin has aged, but he can still rebound and can still be a presence. We don't need points from him. We just need that toughness while KG is out of the game. We don't have that with this team. Wilcox is good, but he doesn't intimidate anyone and Sullinger is still learning.

Move two without trading Bradley you have to get Gortat! If that means Melo or Bass, a backup gaurd and a number one pick then you do it! We have no size. We need this guy and we need him now! This is the move that is even more important that the previous move. Gortat can be this teams center for the next 5/6 years and he will flourish with Rondo.

If we can do this we would still have 14 on the roster and could add another player down the road. This team needs size. Small ball won't win a championship. Remember when PJ and Perk were here. We had size. They need size. This is rediculous. Add some size to this team and they are right there.

I'm not by any means saying Gortat and Martin are superstars, but Perk was never a superstar and neither was PJ Brown, but they contributed to a banner didn't they? Time for Doc and Danny to smarten up and quick.