Avery Bradley is beasting.

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    Avery Bradley is beasting.

    From Chris Forseberg over at espn:


    Over his past eight games -- a span in which Boston has posted a 5-3 mark -- he's proving it. Bradley is averaging 14.9 points on 49 percent shooting, including 58.6 percent (17-of-29) beyond the 3-point arc. Sprinkle in 4.5 rebounds and 1.3 assists, all while driving down his early-season turnover woes, and Bradley has been one of Boston's best two-way players in recent weeks, as evidenced in part by being plus-70 in plus/minus during that span.

    These numbers are impressive in their own right but when you look at them from an advanced stats perspective they become even more astounding:

    According to Synergy Sports data, Bradley is averaging 1.112 points per play over the past eight games (119 points on 107 possessions). To offer some perspective, of players with at least 350 total offensive possessions finished this season, LeBron James ranks tops in the NBA at 1.127 points per play overall. If Bradley maintained his recent production, he'd rank second in the NBA.
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    Re: Avery Bradley is beasting.

    I'm pleasantly surprised how well AB is shooting this year.  If he continues this improvment, he could be likened to Joe Dumars.

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    Re: Avery Bradley is beasting.

    Check out AB's diary: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/celtics/post/_/id/4709297/bradley-diary-strong-starts-x-mas-gifts


    We find ourselves in first place in the Atlantic Division. How did we get there? By working hard and continuing to get better as individuals and as a team. That's our biggest thing is to continue to get better. I think it's very unfortunate that some people thought we wouldn't be a very good team. Everybody here thrives off proving people wrong. 

    I feel like we've been playing well. We obviously took a few steps back when we lost two games last week, but we responded well against the Knicks on Friday night when we got a great win. I had to spend a little time in the trainer's room after that one as I got hit in the thigh, but I'll be fine. It's nothing serious. 

    Coach Brad Stevens is really big on stats. He likes us to be leading after the first quarter. I'm sure he's been looking it up where statistically when we're up in the first quarter, we probably win the game, which was the case against the Knicks. Stats don't lie. Leading after the first quarter is obviously very important for us. 

    One of my teammates I wanted to point out is Jared Sullinger. He's been playing really well. He's very confident, and we've been able to get him the ball, which has kept up his confidence. As a result, he's been playing excellent. 

    [+] EnlargeAvery Bradley Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty ImagesAvery Bradley contributed to two wins over the Knicks this week.

    The game in New York I was close to a triple-double but ended up with a double-double, which I'll take. I've been very blessed and fortunate to be able to make some shots. All I can really do is thank God. On Friday, I was able to hit a 3 to put us ahead at the end of the game. When you hit a big shot like that, it's fun for me because I put so much work into my game. So to be able to make a shot like that for my teammates is just an amazing feeling. It's why I play this game. 

    I made the Top 10 Plays on "SportsCenter" last week when we played Milwaukee. Funny story about that as I didn't know I had made Top 10. One of my teammates, Jeff Green, texted me late at night, like at 2 in the morning, saying, "Bro, you're No. 1." I stayed up to watch it, and I was cracking up that I was the No. 1 play of the night. It was pretty cool. 

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    Re: Avery Bradley is beasting.

    When did Bradley become Ray Allen?

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    Re: Avery Bradley is beasting.

    In response to chris33's comment:

    When did Bradley become Ray Allen?

    AB is not required to be a unidimensional Ray Allen to be a quality player.

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