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    tallying up the pluses and minues:  i like krystic's hands; he's already caught more passes than perk had in his career . . . and he is very proficient, offensively.  but, the interior defense seems more porous--or, does mbah moute score 16 (midway through the 3rd) every night?  and don't forget what big al jefferson did to us last week.  also, there was a stretch in the second period tonight where the bucks got about 4-5 offensive  boards in successive possessions . . . very worrisome . . .

    now, here's a thought for you all:  our team now reminds me of some of those Laker teams; we got a bunch of greyhounds . . . green, rondo, delonte, kg, bradley (a future stopper) . . .

    but, i'm worried about the boards . . . last few games, we've given up a lot of second chance points . . .
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    Re: b-o-a-r-d-s

    shaq will correct that. i think we were only outrebounded in one game he played in... diito when baby and shaq are back..