Baby walk year

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    It is actually not too early. If the Celts feel they cannot afford Baby, then he is a moveable asset at the trade deadline. I think that the Celts have only 2 realistic assets that can return value, Baby and Semih. I don't think Nate can return value, only salary filler. I do not want to move either Semih or Baby, I think they are a big part of the future. But if Baby is looking for 4/$60, do the Celts think about moving him for value this season and beyond? The deadline deals for the Celts without including Baby or Semih are zero. They have to wait buyouts and then recruit against every other team. If the Celts do include Baby, then the return will have equal value. Again, I do not want to trade Baby. But I also do not see the Celts going 4/$60 and I don't want to see him walk after this year for no return
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    Actually it is too early!!!  The NBA is in the process of working towards a new CBA much like what's happening in the NFL.  As far as I'm concerned, until we know how much the new cap will be, or how much max contracts will be ( rumors are that it may decrease to $11 mil/yr ), then we should not concern ourselves with what players might fetch in free agency.
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    Re: Baby walk year

    BBD's charges are better than blocks.  Why?  Because with blocks, you are not guaranteed to get the ball back and the opposing team might still get the ball and score.  With charges, you get the ball back for your team AND get the other team in foul trouble.

    Oh, and he plays SOME centers better than Perk.  He is able to hold his ground better and keep them away from the basket.  But Perk does defend MOST centers way better though.

    He also has been pretty good at deflecting passes this year and getting steals.
    BBD doesn't play defense?  LMAO!