i admire the guy from thru the years for his usuallly tough play (not fan of the dirty celts stuff though) and respect that he is not whining about injuries.. but unlike bosh who admits to stinking and tryin to b better and going with the wade of bron (the only one bringing it game to game), mr. wade cant grasp reality. he is saying "we need to play more of a team and put each other in better position to succeed individually and as a team".. giv me a break. mj would have thrown this dude under a bus years ago. poor guy cant seem to grasp he is on the downside of his career and that bron is now the alpha male of his team. they dont even bother with those joint postgame interviews anymore.

even the rah rah speeches are no longer done by him for i'm sure he no longer gets the same respect from his boys anymore... yet he still focuses on being "fresh" and talking about how all his clothes are already picked for the entire playoffs. if they lose (which they wont) on monday, wade is the issue.. period! he may have one great game but thats it.. no longer can bring it with any regularity (injured or not). he can b game planned for by elite teams. its sad really, far worse than pp (who is like 35) and still a real leader. perhaps its karma.

even if they win, clearly it wont get better. the fundamental issue is that wade can no longer b the man and have the heat win.. period. it is about getting bettter pieces around bron with jabros who know their role and can show up every night, rather than the fake appearance of a big 3 or big 2. they are a big ONE.. period! bosh gets that, wade is delusional! about putting bron in better position to carry the water not wade in better position to not have hurt feelings. now bron is getting in a no-win positon. clearly heat will have to walk away from him after next year.

likely, bron will b blamed per usual. or bron may just have to opt the heck out and put together another super group. then again, if they win with him leading this weak group, he'll likely stay while putting riles on private notice. on monday, i expect him to go for 40 with a triple double and for bosh to show up by hitting those no-d open shots! this is clearly the END of wade. i've been in relationships like this, never ends well! u stop hanging as much, then  stop talking, soon the other stuff stops as well.. oh well! i can see the end of the team facade, at least theirs has a potential end window.if they win, its because bron keeps channeling his jordan. the more he does, the more wade will feel alienated. no longer just about winning, about the pride of glory!