CAN'T BELIEVE THESE NUMBERS. cELTS BLEW AWAY ANYTHING THE BRUINS EVER did. A 20+ rating is off the charts for the boston market. The sawx rarely ever get that. its patriot-like. I hate to say it but only Miami can make the Celts least hated by comparison on a national basis. i love them as a fan but if they weren't in green, i could very easily despise Rondo, KG, and mr. Pierce.  They are far worse in many ways than Wade and definitely Mr. James. But hey, no press conference promising rings they can't deliver on. Or using kids to manipulate an entire city you were ditching for greenier pastures. Watching Garnett hook in Bron on that double foul or Rondo dropping dimes during his halftime interview and sticking with the narrative at the end must really agitate others.