It hasn't looked very good lately. Take away the monster game vs Philly and Bass seems to be spiralling downward.

Offensively he has basically one weapon, the open 15-18 footer. It that's not dropping and/or he isn't ready to step right into it, his scoring window shuts. 

If he has to do anything with the ball, it inevitably results in a turnover. The ball has to be near perfectly delivered for him to catch it cleanly, and he shows little anticipation of what's about to happen next. Even a 1-2 dribble move becomes an adventure. He's showing that he's very slow to gather himself inside for power moves, and for a big strong guy, he just doesn't/can't make space when bodied up. He did get into Battier one time for a bucket and he knocked Turiaf onto dizzy street with an offensive foul, but there's no technique there at all. The assists he does have are likely to be late in the clock, hot potato, 'here, you take it' passes, although he did deliver to Dooling last night.

That's bad enough, but the made jumpers and the occasional dunk might compensate on the offensive end. 

At the other end, though, he's been just horrible. He's looking lost on D. Last night Shane Battier got him twice on the same baseline drive. His rotations have been terrible, routinely too late. Has anyone seen him ever actually sprint in a game? It all seems to be happening too fast for him.

His limitations are starting to stand out under the bright lights. I like him, and I thought getting him for Glen Davis was a steal, but for this playoff run, I think Davis would be a greater asset, at both ends of the court. 

Am I crazy?