bass stevens

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    bass stevens

    dont get me wrong i think stevens is a great coach but why was wallace in middle and late 4th quater he pasted up so many shots its like playing 4 on 5   why did basshold the ball for 12 and ahalve secounds left in the 4th quater was that desinged or him being selfish noing he might be traded

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    Re: bass stevens

    Bass was waiting on an option for Sullinger that did not develop.

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    Re: bass stevens

    In response to Bill-806's comment:

      Boston fans have/must like Stevens..... IMO, he is all business with a level hand.....  A great replacement for DOC.... DOC WHO ???

    I'm on board with that.  Stevens gets an A+ in my book so far.  Doc is as over-rated as a coach as Rondo is at PG.