Bass won't take a charge

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    Re: Bass won't take a charge

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    With two games left in the regular season, Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce holds a sizable lead on the field in charges drawn this season and is set to wear the team crown this year. Here's a look at Boston's individual leaderboard, based on data logged by Synergy Sports, entering the final week of the regular season:

    22 - Paul Pierce
    19 - Rajon Rondo
    16 - Jeff Green
    15 - Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger
    10 - Kevin Garnett
    7 - Shavlik Randolph, Jason Terry
    6 - Chris Wilcox
    3 - Courtney Lee
    2 - Brandon Bass
    1 - Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams

    Rather impressive that Randolph has drawn seven charges in a mere 15 games. That's been a nice boost for a Celtics team that clearly lost much of its charge-taking talent when both Rondo and Sullinger went down.

    The one that stands out is Bass. He jumps out of the way if someone comes in for a dunk.

    One of the reasons the team is a -3.9 with him on the floor and a +5.6 without him on the floor.

    Good post. A charge is as good as a block(if not better) by helping the offender either become closer to fouling out or making him think about altering his shot in some way(similar to the threat of a block). Seed was one of our best before being dispatched for perhaps our foulest catch, Bass. With hindsight, it was a mistake to trade the Seedling(who is a better 5 in any small ball circumstance). I was just as hooked as anyone else(pun intended) when this transpired.

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