Battering Ram Le Bron... (Boring)

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    Re: Battering Ram Le Bron... (Boring)

    The play where he buried his right side into Rondo, knocking Rondo to the ground pretty much sums up Lebron. Not only that he would be enough of a punk to do that. But when they actually called him he had the nerve to act shocked and cry like a little girl. As someone else said, under the new rules that should have been a technical. But not against "King" James. Dwight Howard is allowed to pull the same elbow first game. 

    Anderson Varejo is allowed to hold, grab, clutch, push and slap away at the ball often catching the other player's head, or arms- in the name of defense. He flops at least a dozen times a game. And if the refs do call him for it, he gyrates and hops around like you just told a five year old with ADD he's can't have a cookie. But no technical.

    Every time we play Hedo Turkoglu, we are subjected to at least half a dozen indefensible layups. I say indefensible because he takes five steps before laying the ball in. It's pretty much impossible to stop somebody (within the rules) that doesn't have to dribble.

    I haven't even touched on the dozens of players that are allowed to travel all over the court- hopping while they dribble and palming the ball up around thier head. Under current NBA rules, both are considered cheating and should result in a loss of possession, But they almost never do call either foul. But Ray Allen move his pivot foot one sixteenth of an inch on an upfake and they will call it. It's a joke.

    A while ago, I did a comparison of Perk and Dwight Howard. Just to illustrate a point. Over the last few years, their stats are surprisingly similar. With Perk even coming out ahead in a few catagories.

    Yet Howard is touted as a superstar- even though he can't create his own shot, often forces things on offense and his idea of defense is to whack away at the ball- reaching in and often catching body parts. Knocking out teeth and knocking players unconcious with impunity. What he got away with in the playoffs against the Celtics last year was a disgrace. Not to mention 9 counts in the paint. There are times he spends the entire possession in the paint- upwards of 20 seconds.

    But Perk? He is considered by most uneducated basketball fans to be a scrub. Dwight Howard is a star and Perk is a scrub. That's what a lot of people have been brainwashed into believing by the NBA hype machine. Superman my a@@.

    I'd love to see Perk employ the antics of Howard or Verajo. He would foul out every game before the first quarter ended. Not only does Perk not get away with anything, he is targeted by the refs. There are at least two BS calls against him every game simply because the refs don't like him. You can say Perk brought it on himself with his attitude. But that still doesn't make it right.

    Furthermore, there is a huge problem with refs calling plays they didn't see. Like the play where Ray Allen stripped the ball and got 100% ball- but was called for a foul. If you didn't see the play, keep the whistle in your pocket. Calling a foul simply because you think there might have been a foul is ridiculous. Conversly, the play at the end of the game where Ray Allen blew the dunk and there was no call on the forearm hack? The only defense I can think of, is the hack may have happened a split second after the botched dunk. But, that's not the point, I promise James would have gotten the call.

    I'm not going to say Lebron's game isn't weak. But he's not the problem. It's not just stars getting star treatment anymore. The refs are shaping and controlling the game. They are destroying the game of basketball as we know it. Wether it's incompetence- or something more sinister like manipulation or flat out corruption. The officiating is ruining the NBA.

    LeBron James is simply a sympton of the disease. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If James played in the 80s he would be averaging 7-8 ppg coming off the bench. Because every time he pulled his bull in a china shop routine- he would be charged with a foul or put on his butt.

    Yes the players have gotten more athletic. But most of them wouldn' have been able to handle the phsyicality of the game back in the 80s and early 90s. I always laugh when people compare current players to Michael Jordan. Jordan played in the era of hand checking, grabbing and bumping. In today's game? He probabaly averages 40-50 ppg

    LeBron embodies everything that is wrong with todays athlete: Self entitled, arrogant and mentally soft. And despite 7 years with no ring and still, not an ounce of humility. And as far as I can tell, no real drive. 

    But he's not the problem. The Problem is David Stern. Another fan said it best: I love the Celtics but I hate the NBA. I think after this current team is done, I'm going to bid the NBA farewell. I follow the games out of loyalty. There is no longer anything enjoyable about watching an NBA game. I almost never watch a game without knowing the result first. I don't need to spend 2-3 hours watching my team getting jobbed by the officials. It's somewhat tolerable if you know everything will work out in the end.

    I don't know what else to say. This is what the NBA has come to. It started with Lakers/Kings.

    Now we have Lebron- the ultimate posterboy for the modern NBA. Unfortunately, that's no longer a compliment.
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    Re: Battering Ram Le Bron... (Boring)

    In Response to Re: Battering Ram Le Bron... (Boring):
    Now we have Lebron- the ultimate posterboy for the modern NBA. Unfortunately, that's no longer a compliment.
    Posted by df2

    Never was!  You are watching a 27 year old going on 16 in lebron.  he is the ultimate sychphant.  he has heard nothing but "Yes, Lebron" since he was about 15.  He's never been coached, nor is he coachable.  He is a narcissist.  He is infallible in his own mind.  He is a quitter.  He is David Stern's darlin'.  We need a new commish. 
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    Re: Battering Ram Le Bron... (Boring)

    "good grief, get a life" - always love someone who has so little happening in their life that they must troll out in other team's forums. "Get a life." How about find a Heat message board where they won't mind your low basketball IQ. Before you leave, go ahead and send us a list of the teams with young superstars that won NBA titles.

    p.s. Karllost - if the NBA is so rigged why did Lebron never win anything up to this point? Why are the Heat 5-4? You need to give that a rest. Bad officiating, yes. Rigged games - makes Celts fans look like sore losers even when they win.