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    Re: BE AFRAID, BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, Durant and Duncan are shaking in their boots.


    And.....the same Gasol you want to trade to TOR for Kevin Love??


    HA HA - 34wheelchair thinks Kevin Love plays for TOR!!!!


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    Re: BE AFRAID, BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This will slow that group down. From your very own Laker Nation: "Anybody who’s ever played any basketball knows that you have to be involved in the offense to play well. These guys are not machines. They need to know that if they are open, someone is going to get them the ball. Not get frustrated because someone would rather shoot a jumper with a man draped over him than to make a pass to a open man. One of the main reasons his teammates can’t get it going is because of him. I’m not a kobe hater, I’m not a pau hater, I’m not anybody hater. I’m a laker fan and when one of the players are preventing the lakers from winning, I’m going to call them out.. That’s why magic Johnson was so great.. he got everybody involved.. imagine kobe on the magic Johnson teams.. kobe wouldn’t fit.. he would prevent others from being great. If byron got hot, magic would make sure to keep getting him the ball.. worthy has a scrub guarding him, magic would go to him every time, mismatch with kareem? You know kareem’s getting the ball.. TEAM EFFORT.. you know what would happen if kobe was on that team? Kareem 6 shots a game, worthy 5 shots a game, etc. The lakers have the most talent in the league. There are major problems.. it’s not because of devin ebanks or Jordan hill or anybody that don’t get significant minutes or are not a major factor.. it’s bigger issues such as defense, offense (mainly kobe), chemistry, coaching, etc. and kobe is a major factor in all of it. how can you say kobe Bryant is not to blame?

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