Being 10-12 deep means less minutes for the older guys ... Haha, Been there done that ... GL!!!!

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    Re: Being 10-12 deep means less minutes for the older guys ... Haha, Been there done that ... GL!!!!

    In response to Mployee8's comment:


    D'Antoni is happy about his new additions since losing Howard. Let's take a look ... shall we?


    Outgoing: D. Howard (C), Metta World Peace (F), Earl Clark (F) & Antawn Jamison (F)

    Incoming: Nick Young (G/F) @ $VM - Chris Kaman (C) @ $M-MLE ($3.2MM) - Wesley Johnson (G) @ $VM - Ryan Kelly (PF) @ $RookieMin - Jordan Farmer (G) ??? - Lamar Odom (PF) ???


    Fresh legs on the perimeter to replace Artest & await the return of Kobe ... "We tried to get more athletic to be able to run up and down a little bit," D'Antoni said when asked about both Young and Johnson.

    On Kaman: "He definitely can play high-low with Pau [Gasol]," D'Antoni said. "He can stretch the floor. Both of them can play. They should be pretty good complements to each other," D'Antoni said.

    Mitch Kupchak and the front office have made a handful of under-the-radar moves to retool the roster. Players who can stretch the floor, players who can create their own shot.

    Unfortunately for L.A. fans, they're also players who feel like they're joining the Lakers one year too late to make any difference.


    FSW: Still, tanking or no tanking, the Lakers will have their first-round pick next year. Do you think the team should maybe start trying a bit harder to build through the draft? That's not something that's been done in recent years.

    MD: It depends. Obviously, you can build through the draft, but you've got to be good (at picking). There's no guarantees. You can't make mistakes. There's no guarantees that once you get back you'll get good again, or that you'll get good through the draft. ... At the same time, it's important for us to develop players. I'm sure we need to get a good draft pick next year, but we just have to try to hit all the spots (as we build).


    For more details on the Lakers woes go here;  The Lakers are pretending to rebuild

    They are building a team that will get them to the lottery. Do they have any picks coming up? I know that this has already been addressed, but the info didn't stick. I just don't think much about the Lakers these days.

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