Being realistic!

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    Being realistic!

    Several things should be apparent even to the most devoted C fan:

    1.  Our last two games have given the answer to anyone who plays us on how to beat us.   RUN & HUSTLE.  It is hard to beat mother nature, and a seven game series will kill the C's,  mother nature will catch up (as it already has these past two games),  they will try hard and can do okay for several games but it will be all heart.  When the C's get tired they miss shots they should make, don't play  aggressive just shot and miss 3's.

    2.  Heaven forbid but if Kevin goes down with an injury I doubt that they will even make the play-offs.  KG has been playing great and I just don't know how long he can keep it up

    I hope someone can tell me where I am wrong?

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    Re: Being realistic!

    Those are just two things that "should be apparent"...and there are several more that some of us have been urging on this board for months, and over the objections and denial of most on here who insist that all is well and going according to plan. Now when these things manifest themselves in a negative way, like we are so bad, we will get a lottery pick, they defend that to be a good thing. Gutless Lemmings. What you saif , plus: 1. We needed to trade Rondo for a more consistent, more emotionally stablePG that can shoot, EVEN if that PG was not as athletic and talented as Rondo comparing assists and rebounds, 2. We needed to have traded Allen, either for a low first rounder OR a young talent to help build for the future, Completely unrealistic to think he could get both. Now Allen has very little comparative value and cap space doesn't mean we can attrack a stud. 3. We FAILED by not supplementing this team and Garnett in particular, as you pointed out, with a serviceable big man via trade. IF we don't get Kaman in a buyout, Danny should be fired. 4. I don't care how many mistakes JJJ is making, he needs to play more minutes and play through it. Isn't that what Rondo does? 5. We should bundle our picks and include bench player(s) if necessart to move up in the draft to a spot where we can draft a can't miss PF/C or big defensive minded C