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Believe it?

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    Re: Believe it?

    good thing is we only really need them to play 10 -15 minutes each, and neither of them may be playing at the end when Baby usually plays the 5.  I do believe JON could end games for us too...I dont like the way the Baby has been abused lately by bigger centers....and If we could have JON's defensive presence at the end of games..we wouldnt be having so much trouble closing teams out...I cant wait to see what JON can do and what kind of shape he is in...if he is feeling better then he did earlier in the year(he said it)  then we are gonna get a big boost and upgrade to the center spot defensively and a post player who demands attention when he is on...Then just waiting on the Big Fella...then we see some one layng the smack down in the paint...Thats 5 hard fouls we've been sorely missing....I dont think this team right now has an enforcer, so thats why people miss Perk, but its a replacable asset...anyone can hack!...even Scalabrine was good at it...but noone can afford to foul out right now...
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    Re: Believe it?

    I think you can't blame any fan for being a bit skeptical about this, but of course we all hope and pray he can stay fit and contribute.  At this moment, I'll take any 1 of Shaq and JON, whoever can get on the damn court!
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    Re: Believe it?

    agree about the lakers,,,but I think Baby can do an admirable job on Howard with the right help defense....Howard is only 6'10, and canBaby can hold his ground..Howard would probably go by Shaq tho and cause him to foul out....I actually like JON against Howard too, I know he is slender, but he has the lenght to contest his shots...
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    Re: Believe it?

    When JO was playing most of you said he suc  ked  so now all of a sudden he's gonna make a big difference?

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    Re: Believe it?

    Color me surprised.  However, I suspect JO will play a couple of games, then be out a few games, etc., etc.  I don't think the knee will ever allow him to play more than a game or two at a time without swelling and hurting and requiring rest and rehab.  We'll see.  And maybe this is okay if that's what they want for the playoffs, and then they don't care anymore.  Let's hope he can help in the playoff run.
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    Re: Believe it?

    It's nice to see my Rico persona is working!!!!! I have no life!!!
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    Re: Believe it?

    Better than nothing, but JON isn't going to make much of an impact.  I think you are all going to be disappointed with his contribution. His playing days are all but over AND he will be extremely rusty. 

    We need Shaq back and for him to give us 20 mpg, pure and simple.
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    Re: Believe it?

    In Response to Re: Believe it?:
    When JO was playing most of you said he suc  ked  so now all of a sudden he's gonna make a big difference?
    Posted by KGLove

    That's EXACTLY what i was thinking reading all these posts...  All the posters i'm not saying some but ALL of you guys were saying JO sucked ... he was stiff, his hands were like brick before...  He supposedly didn't know the system, he didn't belong on the court because he was "confused"... right?...  So what happenned when every1 wanted to get rid of JO?  What happenned to all those "trade proposals"?  But now all of a sudden he's ur savior...  and you need him to turn the ship around?  What? What?  Really? Really...
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    Re: Believe it?

    I was not one of them....but I will assume they didnt like what they saw...typical spoiled fans, but can you blame them..?  They wanted something to happen quicker, they didnt want to wait on JON.  Now we have Kristic and guys are realizing that although JON was rusty on offense, at 75% he still provides more of an impact on defense then Kristic will ever be able to....I always liked him for his defense, and when he was strugglin, I was fine with long as he boarded and played "D"

    Point blank, we are desperate and will take any help we cab get....Hell, why not sign that D-league cat with the hops while Murphy is hurt?  we need to get K.G. a rest b4 he shuts down!
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    Re: Believe it?

    In Response to Re: Believe it?:
    During the game, I get Tommy and Mike as well as the Pacers broadcast.  While watching the Celtics broadcast, Tommy and Mike showed JON at the shootaround.  They commented that he initially had some swelling but there is none now.  They also commented how he's lost about 12 pounds and is in basketball shape. I STAND CORRECTED!  I, for one, did not believe JON would return this season and I was WRONG.  I admit it.  Now please JON, don't have a setback in 3 days and be inactive for the SA game. Having JON return is huge.  Great news.
    Posted by Petey62

    Petey nice to see someone admit something.  I never gave up hope when they said he would have surgery and be back.  I just wondered why they didn't do it sooner.  They were are lot of JO haters on board a couple months ago. Cut him, buy him out, etc.  Now they are all hoping he shows up.  They know who they are.  JO played extremely good defense when he did play, his offense never showed up though, but he is a threat with the ball.  Something Perk wasn't. He can supply more hopefully than Perk.  I believe he is still our leading shot blocker this year.
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    Re: Believe it?

    I can tell you I wasn't one of them either because I wasn't even on this board at the time.  Things were different back then, I agree.  I also think there's an optimism that now that JO's had the surgery, he'll be more of what we were expecting in the 1st place.  We'll have to see if that happens, but it stands to reason he'll at least be better than when he was playing on that injury.

    Good suggestion about Chris Johnson.  I liked him up here.  Obviously a role player but seemed to be able to eat up minutes reasonably well.
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    Got Chemistry? Miss Perk Yet?

    Man, I will never abandon the Celtics but this trade is looks worse and worse with each loss to another weak team.   I don't buy that it was good because we have Green for the future.   You can't underestimate chemistry and something special that works.  Perk was the one of the key players that did all the dirty work.  He was a part of this teams heart and soul.  It is stupid for Doc to say "ohh stop pouting and just play."   The Celtics were feared but without Perkins and Shaq they look totally lost.  They don't have an identity.   An identity breeds confidence.   Every part of a team is important. Perk's role is invaluable.

    I was so excited that we signed JO and Shaq and figured .  Wow with Erden, Shaq, Perk and JO we will really be feared .  We are ready to take it to the Lakers.
    I like Green but come on, he is not Jordan! Thunder coach Scott Brooks said the following and I agree with him.

    "He brings toughness, he brings leadership, he brings championship experience,"  "He talks to the guys. He's the kind of guy who you don't look at his stats; you look at the little things he does. He's a winner -- he does the little things that help you win.

    "Those are the things you don't see on the stat sheet, but as you watch film, you understand he brings it every time down the court."

    If SHaq comes back and can play like he did before he got hurt, we got a chance, if not, we will loose early in the play-offs.  Thanks for 2008 Danny!
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    Re: Believe it?

    I got to admit I got excited when I heard JO interviewed last night before the game.

    He's been working real hard and being very careful to get back into basketball shape, and you you know the Celtics, they mostly don't like to bring guys back till they are sure.

    I  sure hope JO suffers no set backs.  I prefer to remain positive about that and not predict doom and gloom as far as his health, and I'm pulling for him to be able to step in and have an immediate impact, especially on the defensive end.

    Go JO.
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    Re: Believe it?

    I was inpired by his interview as well.  I know he could be just saying the right things, but the fact he worked with the best in T.Grover in Chicago and the way he talked about feeling bad not being able to contribute while we were losing and how he just wants to do what he was brought here to do....He seems confident that he can help, and I am too.  More so than Shaq at this point. 

    Would still like both, but atleast JON would be able to block shots and alter shots, as Shaq just gives hard fouls and that doenst help if he fouling too much and not on the floor.  So just for that reason alone,..I would like to have both, and I believe we will.  His defensive intensity is gonna be contageous and something that K.G. has been missing, but if he have a rested K.G. and a 75% JON, I like our chances..
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    Re: Believe it?

    I posted this elsewhere but find it a good copy/paste here as I believe that our big 3, as have all of us who age, have lost a step or two and unless they can average 45-50% shooting, our chances are slim w/o Shaq and JON too. I forgot the playoff game # 2 or 3 and Allen shot seven 3s in the 1st half & broke record with 8, I think, for whole game. But in game 7--- I haven't checked the box---he shot very badly like 2 for 9 or similar. And w/o Perkins, we didn't have the rebounds for extra shots as I say below.

    We could get to the finals without Shaq & JON. But let me say that I hate the Lakers---1st 21 years in Maine but last 45 in SF Bay area. Am a fan of Bay Area teams especially vs LA as rivalry like Boston vs. NY but roots run deep so a Boston fan first even when they play SF teams.

    We ain't gonna beat LA w/o Shaq and hopefully JON. They have the best players under the paint, Gasol, Bynum & Odom---I recall Charles Barkley saying during 1/2 time of an NCAA game that, having one star only, he'd rather have a better player under the basket than a perimeter shooter. The Bulls with Rose are the only team, in addition to us, without a strong presence under the bet. Look at how competitive the Magic are with Howard in the paint and they really don't have any other superstars.  

    We can only make it if we shoot 50+because in most games we get out rebounded. Case in point & hate to open old wounds but Lakers shot a pathetic 32% and Kobe only 6 for 24 or 25% in Game 7 and yup I know, disparity in foul shots, but we got out rebounded (wouldn't have happened had Perk not gotten injured) & as bad as their shooting % was, they continued to get extra shots.

    Lakers are 14-1 since allstar break. I feel they are the team to beat but unless we can fairly compete under the basket, it ain't gonna happen.

    I want to be positive and not a fair weather fan and I do realize all teams have
    bumps in the road  /slumps and we, in fact did at this time last year, were able to turn it on in the playoffs. But there still is something good called momentum and the Lakers have it. Can they hit a slump & get knocked out of the playoffs---wouldn't that be nice. But I'd rather go in with a winning streak.

    PS...apparently from a coach(paisano too) who knew something about winning & it seems didn't believe in bumps in the road and slumps, here's a couple of   quotes from Lombardi that could apply to the unimportance or importance of our team not winning now:

    "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."

    " If you can accept losing, you can't win."
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    Re: Believe it?

    I was really liking ur post and the points you made until you got all gloomy about our chances...I know anything can happen, and right now we dont look good but I always think back to the beginning of the year and who played well then, as if we get our original team back in the 2nd season we will once again establish ourselves as the best overall team, as teams like Bulls succumb to youth and added pressure of # 1 seed.  Lakers need to make sure they are peaking when it counts...if/when we see them...let the players determine the outcome...

    Really good points....but we aint quitting or going nowhere,,,,thats not what we do around here, and I expect them to give it their all when it counts...if it aint enough , Hey!  what are gonna do?

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